Monday, August 29, 2011

Mosaics and Tiling in the Bathroom

Tiling the bathroom has been Deb's main focus in the ADU for the last month. All her work has paid off; the bathroom is one of the loveliest looking spaces in the ADU now that its wall have been designed so skillfully. Deb chose an Oregon mountain scene as her inspiration: one wall in night, and one wall in daylight.

Here's time sequence pictures of the wonderful mosaic being installed. 

We used a double-sided self adhesive tape product called Simplemat to stick the actual tiles to the wall. Historically, a cement product called "thinset" has been used to adhere the tiles to the bathroom wall, but this sticky product makes the mosaic process much easier.

Once Deb has laid out the mosaic tiles, she covered the tiles in grout. Then, she cleaned and scrubbed the grout. Once the grout has fully dried (after 72 hours), we'll put a sealant on the walls and then they'll be complete. Here's a video that shows the grouting process in action.

I showed off the tiling for the bathroom floor in earlier posts. Here's a picture of the finished bathroom floor, now that the toilet has been installed.

We have a couple more tiling projects left to do in the bathroom and kitchen. And, because we like the look of the look of tile so much, we've decided to use it on the stair risers as well. Here are some pictures of tiles being used on stair risers, so you can see this approach in action.

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