Saturday, August 20, 2011

Granite Countertops and More Miscellaneous Fun Finish Work Projects

Last week, the granite fabricator came and templated the kitchen countertop space above the empty kitchen cabinets so that they could cut and shape a granite slab at their facility. They used the template to cut a piece of tan-brown granite to size. When the granite arrived, the still had to cut out a piece of granite for the sink, which they did on-site.

With the granite installed and the appliances here, we're ready for the finish plumbing, which will start on Monday. Finish plumbing involves installing the kitchen appliances, sinks, and the water heater.

Here's a few other projects that we've been working on in the last couple days, including another Blue Pine ceiling installation. Blue Pine is actually Ponderosa Pine that has had a fungus do some damage to it, which results in a blueish tint. We've also been working on the stair treads, tiling, and much more. Here's a quick video update.


  1. You may be thinking it would be just as effortless for them to create their strategy to the bathroom sink. Think about the fact that they will need to travel by way of the house with filthy hands and faces even though leaving a trail of dirt behind them.

  2. It needs proper handling. Although granite is quiet a hard stone but if handled wrongly then it can break.

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  3. Looking good! Been searching for NJ Granite Countertops for quite a while.

  4. Very well said! Stay working on the stair treads, tiling, and much more :)


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