Friday, December 17, 2010

SketchUp Models of ADU design

To get a permit for an ADU, you need to have design plans. This step is typically handled by an architect and an engineer, but in my case, I wanted to do the bulk of the design work myself. According to planning rules in Portland, ADU's have similar unique design constraints to which they must adhere.
  • The roof height can be no greater than 18ft. 
  • The roof pitch must match the existing roof pitch. 
  • The siding, windows, and details, must visually match the existing house.
  • The total square footage must be less than 800 sq ft.
And there's some other guidelines related to how far the ADU must sit from the property lines and existing house. I spent many hours experimenting with a variety of floor plans, and with my father, girlfriends, and friend's help, put together what I thought was a viable plan.

Since I was going to be constructing a building from scratch, instead of renovating an existing structure, I decided that it made sense to build a larger structure than I had initially imagined building. The structure would be closer to 800 sq ft, big enough to accommodate two people, with some kind of creative sleeping option  for overnight guests.

ADU Schematic drawings_Dec 8th, 2010

When the design is placed in the based model, it looks like this.
From ADU Schematic drawings_Dec 8th, 2010

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