Friday, December 17, 2010

Hiring an Architect to Get the Stamp

Next, I sent out this model to three architects with CAD design skills who could put these plans into CAD in a format that would pass muster with Portland Bureau of Development Services. I chose the architect who came in with a reasonably priced bid ($2k) for this design work. 

Despite my attempts to make a solid design, my architect made some significant changes to the floor plan in order to simplify the plan and minimize the overall square footage. 

Here's his first cut at designing the first floor in CAD.

 And here's the 2nd floor.

There are some more design changes underway. I've decided to put the bathroom on the 2nd floor instead of the first floor. But, this is more or less the general design of the property.

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  1. What CAD software does the University of Toronto mechanical engineering course use?



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