Sunday, July 17, 2011

Adding Some Color To Our Lives

I thought that I was going to have the house painted by others, but I ended up painting it myself over the weekend. It's taken me about 20 hours so far--I probably have about 4 hours to go still. I've been listening to lots of podcasts and painting late into the evening.

I needed to do the painting before proceeding to the installation of the wood flooring, or staining the concrete, in order to prevent possible paint spill mishaps on finished floors.

The first step after completing the drywall was to prime the walls. After priming, I had pros paint the 20ft high ceilings white with a paint gun.

Once that layer had time to dry, we selected colors for the walls. We made the colors ourselves using whites with an eggshell glean as the base, and adding purples and reds and greens. When I had to buy more white paint, I purchased "mistints" at the paint store (paints that were returned for some reason) which was a less expensive way to buy paint since I wasn't picky about the white base color.

We eventually created a nice palette of colors to use. We chose a purple, green, and a salmon color for most of the surfaces. I am a little bit color blind, so I left the color selection mostly to my girlfriend.

I spent the whole weekend painting and have almost finished. It looks great.

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