Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Drywalling, Sheetrocking, and Mudding, Oh My.

Our next building phase is the drywall. The drywall creates an interior finishing surface. The drywall creates an additional air barrier, but actually, drywall is both somewhat breathable and vapor permeable.

This video compilation captures the first steps of the drywalling, also known as sheetrocking. "Sheetrock" is actually the trademarked name for the drywall product made by US Gypsum Corp. The word for  trademarked terms that popularly come to take on the generic meaning of the product category that they represent  is "antonomasia" or "synecdoche" (eg.  Kleenex, Xerox, Google, Band-Aid).

Now that they dry walling is complete, we've starting taping and mudding the drywall to create a smooth paint-ready surface.

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