Monday, May 9, 2011

Foundational Fundamentals: Gravel, Rigid Foam, the Water Main, and the Sewer Line

Today, we started to build up the foundation floor. Now that the foundation walls are complete, we've poured gravel, and tamped it down. We've also added rigid foam insulation along the inside of the foundation walls and will add more on top of the gravel to prevent 'thermal bridging'. Basically, this means that we're trying to prevent heat loss through the walls and floors. We're also connecting the sewer line and the water main.

This early building stage is fascinating because, moving forward, these elements will all be invisible. These infrastructural elements exist in most homes, but if you're like me, you're totally unaware of them. And, if you're aware that they're there, you probably have no idea where they are and how they connect together.

Here's a video of the gravel and the rigid foam installation.

Connecting the Sewer line to the ADU

Installing the water main

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