Sunday, February 27, 2011

Still designing

The design process has been incredibly enlightening. And time consuming. I plan to write about it extensively, but needless to say, I've been humbled by the amount of aspects of a well built home that I didn't understand.

Meanwhile, I am taking an intensive 96 hour class called the Sustainable Homes Professional course, which has added an entire new perspective to my process.

At this stage, the architect and I have had at least 10 hours of meetings and phone conversations, 15 schematic drawings, 200-300 email exchanges, and countless hours of playing around with the floor plans and models on our time.

I'm super psyched about what we've come up with for the floor plan. The plans are currently being worked on by the structural engineer.

In five days, I'll meet with the architect, and the builder that I've selected, and we will pass the design build torch.

Next week, I'll be submitting the drawings for a permit through the City of Portland.
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